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Swim News:


Milford Athletic Club Team Spotlight Video,
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(As of 3-18-17)


Mitzi Amelon

Emma Augustsson

Terry Bond-Manville

Peggy Bruin

Kathy Burkhart

Pat Butler

Bill Caldwell

Corinne Caldwell

John Cassidy

Brice Chase

Jim Deren

Nat Evans

Bob Fabatz

Nathalie Gardon

Rita Gelman

Laura Gogola

Ann Franas

Barb Hertz

Ann Hunt

Jim Izzi

Veronica Jackson

Rachel Jones

Don Kroeger

Paul Lichtenberg

Paul Lundin

Julie Lyons

Suzanne Mack

April Maunu

Bill Palmer

Shae Poisson

Steve Marshall

Chuck Olson

Marilyn Reichenbach

Kim Riley

Eric Sandberg

Carol Schemanske

Mike Schuldinger

Chris Smith

Mike Smith

Tim Stachowski

Gary Stevenson

Pam Stevenson

Chris Summers

Jacqueline Thorpe

Kitty Vanden Brulle

Maria Veen

Ann Ward

Heidi Ward

Tom Welsh

Hong Weng

Kim Yarima



Spring 2017 - Practice Schedule:

Monday 9:15-10:45am MHS
7:00-8:30pm MHS
Tuesday 5:15-6:45am LHS-posted
9:15-10:45am - No Practice
Wednesday 9:15-10:45am MHS
6:45-8:15am MHS
Thursday 5:15-6:45am LHS-posted
9:15-10:45am - No Practice
Friday 9:15-10:45am MHS  
Saturday 7:30-9:30am MHS  

Noteworthy: Tuesday and Thursday 9:15 practices will stop now that we have lost Kris to Walnut Creek for the summer. Luckily we will see Kris for outdoor Walnut Creek practices on Sunday mornings this summer (Possibly Starting June 4th).

Here are some notable items:

Upcoming Events:

May 19-20 Rescue Tube Training (Info to come)
June 4 Walnut Creek Practice begins (Confirmation and info to come)
June 19 Summer Schedule Starts 
June 5-10 National Senior Games Birmingham, AL
June 16-17 Open Water Transition Workshop (info/location to come)
June 21 TRex TRI (Island Lake)
June 17 John Munley Long Course Memorial Swim Meet (MSU) 
July 19 TRex TRI (Island Lake)
July 30 EMU Warmest Meet
August 2-6 Summer Nationals (Minneapolis, MN)
August 20 Swim to the Moon
August 23 TRex TRI

Summer 2017 Tenative Schedule Starts June 19th

Monday, MHS, 9:15-10:45am and 6:30-8:00pm
Tuesday, Island Lake, 6:30-8:00pm
Wednesday, MHS, 9:15-10:45am
Saturday, Island Lake, 8:00am
Sunday, Walnut Creek CC, 8:30-10:00am


We are now using Remind app/website. This will allow the coaching staff to send out last minute reminders and messages. You can set this up to receive info as a text message or email. Whatever might be easiest for you. 

You can sign up at:

1. Click Sign Up. You will be prompted for a phone number or email address. If you enter a phone number you will get a 4 digit code texted to you for verification. If you entered an email address, you will not get the 4 digit code.

2. You will be asked to enter: First, Last Name and a Password.

3. The next page will ask who you are: Teacher, Student, Parent, Administrator, Select "Student".

3. The next prompt is for a class code @_________. Enter: macsw06

4. Click Join. Thats it!

Any trouble with these steps, please contact coach Dianne @



State Meet 2017 Young Guns:

Left to right: Farrah Timmol, Mason Horn, Olivia Adams, Corinne Caldwell
2017 Scholarship Recipients

MAC ‘Young Guns’ Program:

The Young Guns program is for swimmers who have finished their senior season of high school until college graduation (ages approximately 17-24) to encourage them to continue a lifelong participation in the sport of swimming. All MAC pool and open water team practices are free of charge. Participants must have a signed waiver on file with Huron Valley Pools & Fitness (under 18 must have a parent’s signature) to participate.

We also provide scholarships for USMS registration, Michigan Master’s State meet, and Swim to the Moon on an individual basis.

This program is funded and made possible by donations from team members and the Jim “Young Gun” Fund. Jim was a long time member of our team who passed away in 2016. His love and passion for all sports and encouragement of others to take on new challenges lives on through the younger generation and your donations to this program.

For questions please contact Kris Goodrich at
(If you are planning on swimming in college swimming with a Master’s team may void your college eligibility so please check with your college coach before participating in this program).



School Closings Reminder:

As a reminder, when Huron Valley schools are closed there is no MAC practice. Check your e-mail before heading to the pool, we’ll send an e-mail from Shutterfly as soon as we get the call about any closures. For Saturday practices, please use your best discretion about the condition of the roads and if we feel is is looking like it may be really bad we’ll send an e-mail out too.




MAC - Masters Swim Team

Designed for any swimming ability level from beginners to advanced swimmers. Meet and swim with a group of adult swimmers - at Milford High School. • Learn correct stoke techniques • Increase the efficiency of your strokes • Develop more endurance • Find camaradarie and fun in the pool

At each practice, lanes will be designated for beginners through advanced. A workout will be posted for each lane. All lanes will begin swimming sets together, although the set will vary depending on ability level. ALL practices are coached by certified coaches. Brick workouts will be available for triathletes or others interested in cross training. Facility membership will include access to indoor track, weight rooms, treadmills and spin classes. Coaches will provide online resources, professional videos demonstrating stoke techniques, articles detailing nutrition, stroke and fitness training methods. In addition your stroke will be videotaped and evaluated.

You can register at the Front Desk.


SWIM NOTES: Team Communication (Shutterfly - MAC Swimmers):

Talk to a Coach and they will invite you via e-mail invitation. Click on the link in the invitation and follow the steps to create a Shutterfly account.

You can then use the team's page for information, you can do two things:
- Sign into your account on the computer, click on 'SHARE' and then the MAC logo that pops up. You can explore and see
what we've got on there. (Calendar, Photos, Documents, etc.)
- Put the App on your Smartphone for mobile access to our calendar, roster, etc

If you need help please let Kris know at the pool.


TIPS for Touching The Walls:

FLY: requires a 2 hand touch at same time. If going for more fly then push off on stomach / side, if switching to back push off on back side. You MAY dolphin kick on either push off before starting stroke.
BACK: MUST touch and push on your back when going from back to more back, you may dolphin or flutter kick before starting the stroke. When going from back to breast touch on your back and push off on stomach / side. On the push of to breast you may NOT dolfin or flutter kick, you get ONE under water pull and ONE underwater kick and then MUST start stroke on the surface, we will practice this
BREAST: When touching in breast MUST touch with 2 hands at the SAME time and push off on stomach / side. On the push of to breast you may NOT dolfin or flutter kick, you get ONE under water pull and ONE underwater kick and then MUST start stroke on the surface, we will practice this. If you are switching to free you may dolfin or flutter kick before starting the free stroke.
FREE: When touching in free 1 hand with fingertips and turned shoulder is most effecient, if flipping turn for more free no hand touch necessary. Push off on stomach / side and you may dolfin or flutter kick underwater before starting the stroke.

Good Swim and Lane Etiquette:

YES, the lanes are crowded but so is a tri so practice good lane etiquette...

• Move over to the side when stopping at the wall so others can finish at the wall
• Do NOT start and stop in front of the wall blocking others trying to touch the wall
• Do NOT push off and start when a swimmer is coming in for a turn
• Allow a faster swimmer to pass by either moving over next to the lane line or waiting at the wall
• If you want to pass ONLY tap foot of front swimmer once or twice
• Organize lane by fastest at that stroke which may not be the same for free as back or br
• Do NOT continually chg lane leader in the middle of set, that cheats all but the leader of earned rest
• Do NOT push off and start right after the swimmer in front of you, give em some space
• Leave on correct intervals do NOT wait so YOU can leave on the 30 or 60
• Compromise on interval so entire lane can stay together and do the workout together
• Help rookies in your lane...I am one coach and try to explain sets to all but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I will make every effort to get to every lane multiple times during a practice and I am disappointed when it doesn't happen. Give a shout out and be patient or swim an easy 100 while waiting

If you arrive late at practice, FIRST I am proud you made the effort to come, I know its not easy and every minute in the pool counts! Second, please get in your typical lane and join the warm up in progress...most warm ups are scheduled to take btw 15-30m and have many different features. If the lane is kicking its okay to get in and swim a 200 or so around those kicking. Warm ups do not have to synchronized like the sets during practice. You just need to be courteous to those already in the lane ie: don't push off in front of folks coming in for a turn, don't stand and visit in front of the wall, don't stop folks and ask them to explain what they are doing...get going and join the flow. IF you come in and warm up is done, no prob...I will add you to a lane and have you go last till you are warmed up and you will follow the format of the set the lane is doing. I will always scan and adjust lanes to reduce crowding and get lanes ability levels synchronized as possible before starting the main sets. Realize we have a VERY diverse group and all may not be the same speed but we can work together.

Please try and follow the sets format. The workout is written for a reason...certain goals in speed, heart rate, aerobics capacity, rest, drill / stroke goals, etc. I know they can be confusing, just ask...its my job to help you understand. Many times I do NOT write the details because I want you to stop and ask. No interval on the board for a set means there is a 10 second rest interval. After each set your lane should regroup, it keeps the lane flowing. IF you are obviously out of place in the lane too slow or fast let me know, we can move you after a set or I may have a reason for leaving you there. Be patient and we will all get more effecient and faster together...state meet is how many mo's away?!

Do not stand in the middle of the wall, always come in to the right side of the lane and allow other swimmers to finish and turn on the wall.

If you get out for a goggle chg, bathroom break, cigar, etc wait for the lane to finish the repeat and then join the end of the line. Don't run over folks that are tired and have been swimming while you were in the hot tub oops meant bathroom. Pace behind them and get back into the flow. No one like to have a swimmer riding their feet


BREAK THE CODE: Swim Workout Abbreviations

k = kick
dr = drill
sw = swim
sk = skull
RI = rest interval
p = pace if written to right and pull if written to left with paddles
fr = free
bk = back
br = breast unless written with numbers after then breathing pattern ie br 3,5
fl = fly
IM = individual medley
F! = butt cracking fast
DQ = darn quick / strong, not ALL out
T = get your time
f = fins if written to the left
w-d = warm down
str = stroke other than free
ch = choice any of the 4 strokes
S = snorkel if written to the left
v-kick = vertical kick
kick and go = kick on wall then swim
tombstone k = kickboard up right in front of you not flat on water
x-leg = xlegs and pull with arms
ez = easy recovery swim

small numbers written to the left of each line are the yardage in 100's ie 22= 2200 yards. 1650 yards equals a mile



Xleg                                 force body rotation
OK, LongHorn, Fist             feel pull from forearm and enhance feel on palm
Deadman                          isolate and work underwater pull
Zipper                               elbows up and forearms against the water
Scooter                              rotation and timing of pull
Tennis Balls                        catch and pull of stroke keeping pressure on ball
Poles                                 elbows up and correct underbody crossover
K-Up                                   catch and timing of stroke
12/1…3/3                              timing of stroke and initiating kick to hip roll
Lane Pull                               high elbow and front quadrant swimming
Partner Drag                       hip rotation to create strong pull
Wall Tap                                finish with heel of hand
Run                                         practice front quadrant pull in vertical plane
Mid Quad                              maintain high elbow as transition pull to push
Cups                                       maintain high elbow and forearm pull thru out pull
Big / Lil Kick                          stretch hip flexor, use hip and glute to kick
Vertical kick                         small kick keeps shoulders up
Kick board war                    small kick has power
1 arm pull breathe opposite side            rotation
3/3/3                                      focus on equal rotation and pull
Bilateral breathe                rotation
Paddles HOLD                      equal pressure thru out entire pull
Paddles FOREARM             use forearm as pull fulcrum
Salute                               high elbow, entry and catch
Head tap                            entry postion
Flutter kick one leg up       stability and glute kick
Shark tail                         elbow up for recovery
Sweet Spot                           correct body position on side not stomach
Front skull                             use upper back thru hands to create power at catch
Fulcrum paddles                  wrist steady to hold water from palm
Skank Walk                           high elbow thru out
Corkscrew                             use hip for rotation not head lift and roll
Feet first free                       find water, feel push
OK-overkick                          generate momentum from kick and set tempo
Partner swim with board  correct cross over


12/1….3/3                            timing of stroke and entry with kick, rotation
30, 60, 90                             timing of stroke and entry with kick and rotation
Chix Wings                            mid pull with elbow down and forearm pushing
Clock                                      timing of stroke with kick and stability
Lane Pull                               entry point of stroke and catch to push
Big / Lil Kick                          stretch hip flexor, kick from glutes
Heel Wall taps                     kick from glutes
K Up                                       timing and stability
Feet first back skull generate power using hands and wrist
Tennis balls                           maintain power thru out pull
Cups                                       maintain hand position and pressure on water


Opposite arm and leg        timing of pull and kick
Fast hands                            catch and recovery to thrust body undulation fwd
Elbow Squeeze                    lift of stroke to create undulation
Breast arm / free kick        turnover of stroke
Breast arms / fly kick         undulation to drive glide forward
Xleg                                        force undulation to move fwd
Porpoise                                undulation from hip not head
Knee bands                           kick from feet and knees
Wall Push ups                       use upper back for pull
Windshield wiper skull       use forearms to generate pull with high elbow
Rockets                                 explosion of kick with streamline glide


Rockhopper                          underwater pull
1 arm breathe side             timing of stroke with kick
1 arm breathe front           timing of stroke and breathe with kick
1 arm free / fly kick            learn pull associated with free
Fly arms / br kick                 get undulation to allow for breath
Alt fly kick and br kick        keep hips up with pull
Skull                                        create power in conjunction with hips to breathe
BIG / Lil                                 use core not head fast and snappy ontop water
Flockets                                 timing of kick with mid stroke thrust
FINS                                        no kick increase surface area so feel push for hips
Porpoise                                undulation of body
Lane line over under          undulation
Butt thrust on wall             use core to generate movement not head
Fast fly arms                         turnover and no drive down

Any stroke can be swam with…isolate component of stroke
Tennis balls
Vertical kick



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